Crazy action this morning…  I moved quickly in and out of positions too  many to post on the twitter.  Gracefully like a ninja….with the speed of a Nazi War criminal  (whatever that means)
our lord and savior helicopter Ben aka moustached man of Monterrey aka “he who has no name” aka Master and Commander of the universe  will not let us go down..  and even when we go down, we really our going up (think about that one) hmmmmm.  The genius of he who has no name is that while he prints money…he allows us to all just print money.  In a way the guy is a bizarro genius.
these are fun times as rabid inflation is upon us in the form of an absurd run in commodity prices.  But if you become a millionaire trading bullshit stocks who cares about a bit of 20% inflation. i sure dont!
I booked out of my last shares of IBCP at 3.40 for 25% gain (too early skeet skeet)
Out of LEE 2.79 for 11% gain
OUt 1/2 INO 1.53 for 4% gain (lol)
Out of CFW for a heinous heinous…ball stomping 10% loss
ive added  $cbak (2.06) $bdsi (3.87)  $pard (.52) $igc (.66) $keg (12.92 swingtrade)
$alxa (1.37)  $mgic (7.55)
still hlding $dear (1.91) , $asti $born (1/2 at 12.5) $feed (1/2 at 2.95) $dscm (1/2 at 1.89) $dscod (3.5)
p.s. LOOK AT ALXA…..  if u want live picks like this…u get in my chatroom..  If you like making money u get in my chatroom!  U think a 20% 1 hour trade would pay for ur sub?? yeah for like a year!  Not only do we call them out live..u get them texted, emailed…and i teach ya while i trade. And you can ask all the stupid or non stupid questions u want as i love to talk!
p.s. im adding audio into my chatroom on Monday where I will sit and bark stock picks all day of various levels of success… but success they will be



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