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What is the first thing new traders need to do before getting started trading? 

Get an education. In some ways, trading is no different than any other profession. It takes 8 years to become a surgeon. They go through rigorous education and training before they ever even touch a scalpel. In trading, you will lose all of your money if you start buying and selling stocks before learning about the market and developing a system.  

 What most trading services fail to address (and traditional educational systems in general) is that people learn in different ways. Some people learn best through video courses. Some learn best through written material. And some people need a more interactive method of learning and need their questions answered by a real person. 

Our free trading kit does all of this. Our BOWS trading kit will teach you all the fundamentals of trading for all styles of learners.  It will offer more value than most trading services paid courses. Here is what our trading kit includes:

New and Improved Trader Handbook

Get a complete introduction to day trading and swing trading, trading terminology, basic strategies. Here is a peak of the contents of the trader handbook:

  • The 6 Steps to Become a Profitable Trader
  • Basic Trading Terminology
  • Overview of Different Investing Styles
  • Intro to Technical Analysis
  • Intro to Charting
  • Risk Management Guide
  • Trading Psychology Guide
  • How to Grow A Small Trading Account
  • How to Use A Trade Journal
  • Links to Our Best Blogs and Youtube videos

Intro to Trading Course

Our Intro to Trading course (taught by me!) will give you a complete breakdown of the stock market, and the basics of trading stocks. Here’s what the course will cover:

  • Stock Market Essentials and the Basics
  • Technical Analysis and Charting Walkthrough
  • How to Read Stock Trades
  • Flag Breakout Strategy Walkthrough

Free Trading Consultation

Some people just need to get their questions answered by a real person. We got you covered! You can book a free trading consultation with one of our educational specialists, and get every single one of your trading questions answered. We will help you figure out what style of trading is best suited for you, and layout a path for you to become a consistently profitable trader. 

Download the Bulls Trading Kit Here



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