Hey guys. If you havent noticed the site has changed.  Our old site was falling apart mainly due to the backend of the site falling apart as it wasnt very well put together.  To be able to add features and such things we had to start from scratch.  We have a new chat now. It wont be on the top tab anymore as the trading floor it will be on the bottom toolbar.


This chat is only 2/3’s made. We have more features that are ready to be dropped in but we ran out of time this week to implement. I wanted to use today to test things out on the site make sure they are working.

The old whisper button and reply buttons will be added back in the next week week or so along with audio/screenshare capabilities.  We have made the plugin for the screenshare we just need to drop it in and mesh it with the chat.  We also are almost done building somethign where u can get ur alerts via Instant Messenger aka gchat.  We should be done soon


Also that “xyz joined the room” “left the room” stuff will be wiped out too as it seems it cuold be annoying


[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/bQFQpHdOSc” width=”” height=””]



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