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As we, in the next coming months, transition ourselves from just a “stock pick service” to a full-fledged financial site with education/research/etc. our blogs will be getting beefed up.  Right now, we offer a few blogs on the stock side with some setups. If you watch our setups over time you will learn them. Its all muscle memory. But, to really speed up the process of learning and get all the financial news and commentary you need in one spot, we will be building some serious additions to our blog system.  This is going to be great for our current daytrades, but right now there are a ton of part time traders, swingtraders, long term investors who do not want to sit in a chatroom and wait for picks. They need their news/commentary/setups and they want to set it mechanically and go about their day.  This is going to take care of all of that for everyone.  With us just focusing on stocks we are going to be able to allocate a tremendous amount of resources to this area.  It will go beyond just blogs, but site upgrades. Active trader features and tons of content with other news/finance sources that are focused on stocks.

Blog schedule

1. Premarket roundup: (what we are seeing premarket a brief summary) includes overseas action, oil, gas, gold movement. Any premarket runners, big gap ups, big earnings beats, pertinent news for the day including crucial economic reports.

2. Short Midday update: What we are seeing in the market, technically, fundamentally, sentiment.  An idea if there is an edge in adding or taking off the table stocks.  Maybe a few stocks showing up on scans.

3. End of day recap: summary of market, analysis. what made the market move, where we are technically. Key support/resistance levels. Things to watch out for. add in winners of the day. 

4. Nightly watchlists:  2 versions:  

a. Our bread and butter momo stocks/ stocks used for daytrades, breakouts.  Mostly the small cap variety.
b. Swingtrades.  I have learned a swingtrade system that I have used for years when I had a fulltime job as a recruiter. It involves midcap/large cap stocks.  Stocks that are liquid trade over 1 million shares a day.  Most will be above 10 dollars.  This will be a very precise swingtrading system that buys stocks where you can mechanically enter an entry. Put a stop loss. Set a primary target along with a secondary target if it does well.

a few times a week we do

Trade Review:  Post the chart of when we bought. What we liked.  Then review why it worked why it didnt etc.  I will do a video review and go over the exact trade on how i entered and exited it. Why it worked and didnt.

We will be doing weekly webinars that go over a wide range of topics.  sometimes it might just be going over some scans and watchlists. Other times we will get into more specific things like position sizing etc.
We have an exciting program and expansion coming over the months.  You guys are going to like it. A lot of you guys have been here with us from the beginning.  Appreciate and love the support.



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