This week’s IBD50 is packed full of messy charts with little direction and lots of congestion.  It’s hard to manage a strong directional trend with global turmoil and natural disasters taking center stage.

Here are a handful of stocks from Monday’s IBD50 (4/21) that I’ll have an eye on based on Friday’s action and overall technical strength.

ULTI – Testing recent resistant levels on overall uptrend. I would like to see $54 broken and price strong over SMA20 for entry.

ATLR – Currently holding fib retracement and horizontal support. I’m watching for bounce back up here off off SMA50.

NFLX – Watch NFLX carefully.  Indicators are bearish and prices is currently sitting on horizontal and SMA50 support.  A drop below, and we look for entry on support of SMA100.  If there is a bounce up, I would consider swing over 225.

SWKS  – Watching sma100.  Stock is a little over sold here, but we’ll need to confirm the SMA100 and horizontal support before going long.  ‘Safe’ entry above 32 out of congestion.

ARMH – currently trapped between two fib levels with generally bearish indicators.  watch for 61.8% fib retracement for support.  Long entry above 50% fib retracement into the gap fil.

GEOI – Watch for move above fib 38.2% retracement and horizontal resistance.

JOYG – I like the look of MACD and ADX – both setting up for positive cross.  Keep an eye on horizontal support and SMA20.  A move above both could bring in buyers.

NOG  – Nice trendline support, but heave fall on Friday with volume, so we’ll have to watch to see if trendline holds.  If it does, there may be a trade above horizontal resistance above 30.

VPHM – I would like to see VPHM get above 19.47 with volume.  I think we’ll see buyers at that range.

ARW – Above descending trendline for possible long entry.

OPEN – over horizontal resistance near $92.  I like this chart.  Looks ready to go after coiling up against $92 for a few weeks now.

HS – over 38 out of consolidation box.  Possible short on move below 35.50





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