Monday 11/30 Watchlists

Hello all. Looked at almost 1k charts tonight.  Seeing a lot of broken charts where some serious healing needs to happen.  Also seeing some interesting divergences in the indexes.  Small cracks.  Its not a gamechanger but it needs to be watched closely and monitored..  Whether its weeks or 2 months down the line those cracks tend to bust loose the question is when.
Just some new additions to the watchlists and stocks we are already monitoring.
Couple quick hitters here
$nabi (dont know anything about the fundamentals)
Setting up here in a flag. Volume has dried up while it digests its breakout. Wait for the volume to confirm and then it could go.
$cmfo YOu can play this on the breakout to new highs or if it consolidates for a couple days it could set up for a more powerful swingtrade.  It needs to build up a little volume too.
 Still like $crbl on a breakout/pullback trade. Its near entry level but still needs to work off its overbought condition.
 Keep $dtg $mco and $sonc on your watchlists for potential shorts.  Ill post the charts and the different types of entry you can take on them tomorrow.
Good night all.



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