MOMO stocks 3/20/2010

 Here are some stocks with momo
I run scans all the time.  Here is a scan I run to find find momentum stocks.  The list is dynamic as 1 dip in the market  can change the whole nature of the list. See stocks with momo go up the fastest when market runs and drop like a bag of terds when market dips.



This is a great place if your a swingtrader for a watchlist.  If you see the stocks many of them share the same characteristics.  This is a composite momo screen so not every stock is in the same mode some are near breakout some are near pullback, many are flagging. Lots are actionable   So there are different setups in this group.

One thing I am noticing is that the composite of the screen has totally changed. Most of the china momo stocks are off the list.  Also the number of energy stocks has dipped too.  But the big flag Ive noticed is that before it was 50/50 the split between under 5 dollar stocks and above 5 dollars. Now the list is pretty much junk stocks.  some of the major momo names like CAGC. Thats a Potential sign this rally is long in the tooth.  the other sign i look at is the fact that many of the names on the list now are junk stocks like ZANE but also a good junk of them are breaking down or pulling back hard.  When market is making new highs you want to see a majority of the stocks on this screen near breakout or flagging for a breakout.  You want those names to be huge growth stocks that have had earning surprise or some other type of growth/earnings catalyst.  This tells me I might need to trade a bit less, shorten my timeframes, and lessen position size by 1/2.




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