Middle of the Night Report

It’s 4 am central and for some reason, I can’t sleep.. Might as well update you all with what I see.

The battle in Libya appears to be an outright civil war now with heavy casualties expected.

War escalates

Watch for news on tapping US oil reserves to calm the run up in prices at the pump.

Oil concerns from Bloomberg

Should be some big trades in rare earths this week.

– Oil hits 106.40 in overnight trading about an hour ago – over 105 and I would expect a market gap down. However, this may create some buying opportunities of oil gets heavy and settles back down towards 100.

– Gold testing 1440 again as it moves up with global anxiety

– Silver at 36.40 on very strong overnight run. expect silver related stocks to gap up at open

– Greece credit rating downgraded.  Watch the Euro/dollar tomorrow.  US dollar index plummeting at this hour.

– EURO hits 140 and nearing November highs vs the dollar.

– Nikkei takes a 1.75% hit overnight and European markets struggle to hold strength largely on Greece credit downgrade.






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