MidDay update/ Buys

Market kind of chilling today. Technically we are overbought and not a big or any edge in adding longs here till we get a pullback.
As a swingtrader I like to buy and sell at support/resistance using oversold/overbought indicators.  As we are overbought and at the top end of the range I am adding swingtrades on the short side. Due to persistant nature of bulls the past few months overbought levels have tended to stay overbought so as I add swings on the short side I will be trading n scalping breakouts on the longside intraday.  Get the strategy??? Dont? Dont worry about it….kunal00 has enough brains for both us.
Still Short $POT $SNDA added in a short $INFA 21.00
Added $abk 1.60-1.61 (sold 1/3 at 1.80 yeeeeeeeeeeha) added $ct and $pnx for quick scalps
Sold of 1/3 $trit 10+ (16%gain) will rebuy in the 8s.

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