Mid Year Survey 2010

This mid-year survey is important as in the coming days to weeks we will be making key decisions that significantly impact your membership and the value that is provided on the site both technologically and with value added services.  As you will see some of the questions that are asked will be for your specific input so that we can give our community the very things that they need for their trading journey.

Finally, a few important notes before you begin the survey:

1) This membership survey will take at least 10 minutes of your time to complete. Do not begin the survey until you can spare enough time to complete the survey in full. Partial surveys will not be read so please return back if you are unable to complete the survey now.

2) Once you begin the survey, at the top of every page is a graphic bar that will show your progress as you reply to the questions asked.

3) This is a completely anonymous survey. I have made it this way so you you can freely provide constructive feedback (both positive and negative) without any worry.

4) If possible, please try to have this survey completed before (insert date). At that point, I will begin my review of all of the entire survey.

So, with that said, if you’re ready and have the time, please begin the survey by clicking on the next button below:


Click here to take survey



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