How This Mentorship Student Had His Best Trading Week

Mentorship Student Has His Best Trading Week Yet

Recently we had our mentorship group at my house in Florida to trade in person and refine everyone’s plan. One of my most promising students is a man from Finland named Henrik. Henrik spent two weeks at my house since he came all the way from Finland which was an 18 hour journey for him. During this two weeks he was up and down which gave us an opportunity to identify his strengths and weaknesses even further then we already had.

One of his main problems was trading setups that weren’t working for him due to FOMO (fear of missing out). We implemented some things that would deter him from doing that and it resulted in him having his best week yet when he returned to Finland.

This is what Henrik had to say:

“I really think it comes down to one thing which is focus on what works previous weeks and do that. Couple of weeks back I wrote down what worked but then I didn’t do those things, I did exactly the opposite.
My Go-To setups are the Earning/PR plays and I played only those this week. Opening range Breakdowns/ Breakups, bear flags, flags, R/G, G/R moves. I also added one more setup to my arsenal which is the gap fill play and I succeeded very well on that setup.”

His overall P/L for the week was $1196! Nice job Henrik!

Here is Henrik’s P/L by the trade and some examples of trades he took for the week of May 1-5:







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