Massive Monday Watch List

Here is my massive watch list for early this week.  Before you jump into any of these, do your research and make sure you know when all of these companies report earnings.  I’m not a big fan of holding into the numbers – prefer to play the response. 


CREE Cree has finally turned it around after a large fall below SMA200.  It’s basically moving with other semiconductor stocks right now.  Current resistance is $57 .  If it gets above, I might consider for swing with stop around the 55.50 range.


STX – possible short – breakout way over bollinger bands on single day volume.


NYB – I’m not a big fan of banks (savings & loans) right now, but many have probably taken too much of a hit lately – NYB is setting up on a symmetrical triangle right now and might be worth a swing if it can get above 16.75.  This stock will need some sector strength to get it going. 


CNIT – Keep an eye on CNIT – Currently, way over bought and testing some horizontal resistance. If you can find some shares, there may be a short here somewhere. 


UTA – Rising wedge.  Would like to see it get through 5 (SMA50).  Volume is good here.


UTA – click to enlarge

HS – oct 28th earnings – Testing horizontal resistance.  Watch for move through $27 to confirm continuation swing trade. 


LXK – oct 26th earnings –  Good looking ascending triangle forming at $46.  Looking for break through to confirm swing.  Might be worth a swing as long as it holds rising SMA20.  


ALTR – Climbing SMA20 and now creating a little triangle consolidation just above.  I’m looking for a break above $30 for swing entry.  $31 will be resistance, but volume can take it through. Not interested in holding under SMA20. I believe earnings are on Tuesday – careful.


ASYS – Broke nicely through $19 horizontal resistance on Friday.  My trading style doesn’t want it hear, but any pullbacks to SMA20 creates a possible entry.  Nice accumulation volume on daily chart.  Strong.


EXXI – Has been in a great trend lately with nice bounces off SMA20.  Currently has support at 23.10. If I get involved here it will be on pullback to this level or SMA20… I hope it comes back a little. 


RBCN Broke out of wedge on Friday and has heavy short interest.. Could be interesting this week.  Check out link for chart.


AERG – consolidating for the last few months and has been struggling to get out of this pattern (notice the tall candle shadows).  We we get out of this patter, it’s a play.


FCEL – watching for move above 1.25.  coiling up here and worth a watch on the scalp radar.


AEZS – still consolidating on minimal relative volume. Not much going on here, but worth a watch for possible breakout.


AEZS – click to enlarge



C – This bank/chart/everything about it is a mess, but I want it at 3.90 IF earnings come out ok.  This will be a post earnings play for me.


PWAV – I still like this one… I traded it last week, but probably should have held it on trendline..  MACD might be about to offer up a bullish cross.  Swing radar.


PWAV – click to enlarge



DYAX – Watching for move above 2.50 for possible swing long.


DYAX – click to enlarge

GLD – possible short… otherwise, I’ll wait for a pullback and play some miners.   


AFFX – Testing trendline resistance with MACD and ADX trying to make a positive cross


AFFX – click to enlarge


HBAN possible entry on SMA200 if C reports ok.


PQ above 6.25


AONE above 9.60


DRE still in a triangle.. needs to break out of it to the top side before considering a position


NVE (utility) over 13.30


CSTR – pretty significant short interest.  Strong day on Friday. Needs to hold SMA100. Possible Calls here.


EP – possible good entry on pullback to 13


AMT – around 50 for long entry 


ALKS 14.47


NKTR testing horizontal resistance at 15.85


SAI – ascending triangle


AMTD – somewhat of an ascending triangle.. I like the volume and ADX here. Looking for move above 16.50


AMTD – click to enlarge



ANW –  looks pretty good here.  Nice triangle with tight bollinger bands..Classic coil and pop setup. 


ANW – click to enlarge


DUK has SMA50 support here. Possible entry for swing with stop around 17.40.  Becomes a short if SMA50 can’t be held.


NMM over 18.75


ARMH – would love to get in here around 18 for swing long.


WPRT – Ideal entry at SMA200, but at this point, I’m looking for breakout play above 19.20 for swing to 20.40, first target.


OK, that’s it for the massive Monday Watch List… enjoy.



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