KUNAL00 Day Trading Watchlist Video 1/11/2023

Good evening! The stock market was on a nice trend today in both the QQQ and SPY indices.  The IWM which represents your smallcaps and mid caps ended up flat but is developing a nice range which we are going to discuss in todays video.

With tomorrows CPI report on inflation coming out at 8:30 all eyes will be on the key levels on the daily charts on the SPY AND QQQ AND IWM.  We are at a nice inflection point where we could see some serious upside if we can take out the levels and if we dont then it could end up as a long winter for us traders who spend our days trading stocks!

The plan for tomorrow is simple we want to focus on the larger liquid names they tend to thrust first on these days and we need the liquidity.  Also keep an eye on your Coinbase and other crypto related stocks ie COIN, MARA, RIOT .

We finally got the movement on our bitcoin etf we should get some volatility on them. NO clue which way they go we have some clean levels on COIN, MARA to trade around draw them out and lets get this going. Todays video is below.





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