Kunal00 Buys & Sells 2/2/2010

Mother market has given us a reprieve from the nonstop spanking we endured for the 7 previous days.  As happy as I am that mother market has stopped  sending her legions of French Soldiers dressed in pink fanny packs sporting thin wispy mousatches to attack our way of life and beliefs. I just dont trust this rally for some reason.  Maybe its the not so distant memory of Kunal00 and his band of misfits the Boomettes getting hamboned last week via their excessive positions in China Ding Dongs.  The crusty frenchman flossing the butt tight jeans shorts attemped to rob us last week.  Never again! Shame upon the house of kunal for even letting such nonsense to go on.  Never again!
For the last few days Ive changed my strategy in terms of my timeframes.  I will be trading on much shorter time frames with much tighter risk parameters.
My buying and selling has bee fast and furious. Havent had time to update all the picks on twitter.
$apwr out 1/3 12.9s from 12.20
$trit In 14.56-14.70 sold out 1/3 15.12 and other 1/3 15.32
$ivan In 3.27  Out 1/4 3.44 (still holding rest)
$xtxi In 8.05 (yesterday) still holding
$ccme Out 1/4 shares 12.55 (from 10.60 avg)
$achn Out last 1/2 shares 2.58 (form 2.36 buy)
$nlst Out 3.6s taking 9% loss from 3.93 buy
$armh In 9.72 still holding (its a dog though gonna dump if it turns )
Oh yeah and got a monster short on $cnlg from 4.33 (covered 1/2) holding rest for 3 bucks! 
 p.s.  $scss breaking out hardcore…. (guess whose premium blog that was on!)
im out.
Buck Bass “the name you know” 



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