Jan 5 Watch List Update

Let’s start with a quick update of today’s Watch List.  With the market booming today, it was no surprise that some of these were big winners.
DYAX – I went long in DYAX today as it moved through MA50. Will continue to swing.
BPAX made a great move through horizontal resistance on opening bollinger bands.  Looks good – wish I would have taken a position here.
KMKCF didn’t move today, but I’ll keep an eye on it.
NGAS finally made the strong move through 1.82 today.  This stock received a lot of chatter in the boom factory today.  Looks like a good swing from here. Congrats all.
LOOK was a tough one for me today.  It ended up having a great day, but I just couldn’t participate because of the low volume.  Acted as I hoped, however, but could struggle against MA50 unless it gets a volume boost.
GNVC – I didn’t participate, but a lot of people did. Wow, what a move.
OK, now to a few new stocks to add to your Watch List:
SONS – I’m already positioned long here, but a move above top trendline could create a possible swing opportunity.
CTIC – Entry 1.23 for scalp on fast spike or swing with volume.
IMMU wedged between MA50 and MA20. Definitely worth watching for possible move.

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