Jan 14 Set-ups

Check out my latest additions to the Watch List.. short term scalp/swing opportunities – risky, for active trading.
DISK – Testing .30 (again) with good volume.  This is a scalp play for me only on a move through.31 and volume. 
MBRK – Not the greatest setup, but I might play if it moves through .60.  Like many in this price range – I am looking for a quick day trade or scalp.  First target .70
FBP – Looking for a move above top trend line for continuation momo play with a 2.90 target.
ARNA – channel trading up with improving MACD and RSI14.  I would like to see a move above trendline before considering swing from here.
HRP – Nice trinagle consolidating with an obvious trendline resistance resistance point.  Looking for a move through this trendline WITH volume.
OREX – Keep an eye on this one – improving volume this week with improving MACD.  I’ll watch in the morning, but possible swing from here.
Others – Still like RPC and putting an eyeball on RPRX.

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