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Unlike other stock websites that just offer news, opinions, and community chatter, Bullson.ws goes a step further. We remove the noise and offer what’s important and relevant to short-term traders & investors. By joining our team, not only do you have real-time access to trade ideas and opinions of other investors, you also have access to proprietary trading tools with a huge list of benefits you won’t find at other retail brokers.

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@kunal00 : Specializes in day trading, swing trading, and technical analysis.

Truth be told, this guy still wow’s me, even after 2 years…he’ll tell me of a ticker and within minutes that stock will be taking off. He does momentum, breakouts, pullbacks, all sorts of trade setups….but will enter only if the r/r is good, i’ve noticed.


I honestly feel bad for people who join other services. For 99 bucks a month, you can join kunals service and sit under the best trader on the net, plus have an awesome site. The BULLS chatroom is unlike any other ( and I have been in many others). It is very organized, very educational, and an excellent tool for traders.




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