HUMPDay/Gameplan 9/23/2009

Yesteday was good day for all from what I could see on the stream. There are bigtime breakouts happening in numerous sectors. Finnies, Basic Materials were on steroids yesterday. Big runs happening in the smallcaps in both those sectors. As I guzzled numerous cups of coffee and celebrated my the last day of summer and the wearing of my white pants. I booked gains in 1 day that many of you will not see for a year. TRIT ABK RINO PUDA KAZ SRZ(if only that mole on the fat ladies ass named UEC had gone, I could have been happy)   most legendary performance even for my self.  But summer is over the white pants are retired. I plan on selling many things raising my cash position to 50% and going on a two week bender of miller lites, blondes, and some serious catching up of general hospital.
Fun Fact:
The two-foot long bird called a Kea that lives in New Zealand likes to eat the strips of rubber around car windows!
Market analysis still hasnt changed. We are overbought so Im not adding any big swing trades. Shorten timeframes and trade quick and easy. I use the indices to give me direction on allocation of my capital. As a swingtrader I use overbought/oversold signals to provide me with “edge”  As the market as  stayed overbought for sometime I have shortened my timeframes considerably.
Over the last few days the boooom factory has been booking considerable gains. Every chubby chaser with a dial up connection and a schwab account is making money…time to chill.
Today is fed day so be careful. Any hint of raising interest rates in near future and we got a surefire boner buster for the market.
Plan…..Buy dips big…Sell rips till i see otherwise..simple and sweet.
I am watching EDAP again…Could be setting up.
Happy Birthday Skip Weiler!! big 50



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