How To Swing Trade Beaten down IPO Stocks (Beyond Meat)

Sir Isaac Newton once said “what goes up must come down”.  This is a classic third law of  physics that we as traders must adhere to. That’s because every stock in the history of stocks that has gone up, eventually comes back down. It does not matter how great the company is, at some point the rocket ship will run out of fuel.

What the third law does not state, but applies to trading, is that some of those stocks that come down will go back up again.

While there was a ton of excitement on the rocketing phase up, and both excitement and frustration on the way down, once the stock has bottomed most of the momentum traders move on to something else. That’s when the opportunity for a reversal trade sets in.

In today’s short Twitter clip, I reviewed recent bulls alert BYND. This stock is a recent IPO that ran up like a missile, crashed hard, and now looks like it’s bottomed and potentially reversing. I also review the current state of the market and other positions.

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