Trade Review – Trading PR Breakouts

Press releases are hit and miss. Most of the time they are absolute fluff designed to keep heat off a stock or to pump it up for a surprise or, even worse, a dilution.   The majority of the ones I see in the small cap space are garbage. On the other hand, anytime you see some stock go up 50% – 100% – 200% in one day, it’s off some kind of PR. So even though most of them are fluff, once you learn how to read them and play a specific setup, you can enjoy some very big gains.  This particular setup is easy to scan for and once you understand the mechanics you can find one or two to play everyday.  I know some traders that trade them solely. Here are video reviews of several big PR trades. If you have any questions, email me at!

Video for $BORN

Video for $SCEI Part 1

Video for $SCEI Part 2



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