How to Make Money in a Tough Market: Swing Trade Review

A winning trader should make money in any trading environment, and never use “the market” as an excuse. That’s what losing traders do. To be successful in tough markets, you have to know how to adjust, what setups to trade, when to scale back and when to hit the gas.

After the recent August 24th market selloff, I laid out a plan for trading the market in this webinar with Kunal. We have used these strategies in the Report to successfully trade in a market many hedge fund managers and retail traders are bitching about. Not us. We have adjusted and winning. Even better, these strategies are perfect for part-time traders.

This video reviews my last 4 trades completed in October. I’ve made a total of $3171 off 3 wins and one loss. The average win is $1268 and the loss is $634. That’s the kind of reward to risk ratio I aim for (Note this does not include the partial profits from two trades, each of which is currently a bigger win than the $3171 from these 4 trades). We also review the market, my recent entries and open positions.

Come check out our FREE TRIAL for our Part Time Traders service. This service is great for those that work and cant monitor the computer all day. We have indepth nightly reports on the gameplan for the day/week and all stock picks that I trade will be alerted and emailed to you.

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