How to increase your Bulls Influence..

I have been meaning to post on the Bulls Influencometer.  It’s a feature that we have on our site where premium members can see the “influence” of a user via a graphical representation.  The questions I receive are “how do I increase my influence?”.  @cpruette just asked me the question again, reminding me to post this blog.

So here’s how YOU can increase your influence;
– Get more followers
By posting great trades, especially live trading entries and exits you can easily generate more followers.  People who simply post “bought $appl today” add little value to the stream.  Whereas if you post “bought $aapl at $190.60”, then others can follow your trades.  If you’re good you’ll generate more followers and this will help your influence.
– Focus on who you follow
Follow people who add value to the stream.  Don’t follow Lindsay Lohan, for example.  Save her for your personal Twitter account.  The key is to follow a few people who add value to your trading. Remember you can still view all the people on the stream at You also can’t (and shouldn’t) follow everyone and anyone!
– Follow @bullsonwallst 
You automatically get a major boost on your influencometer by following bullsonwallstreet.  We can then determine your trading style and it can help boost your score.
– Get Testimonials
If people click on your name on and post a tesminonial for you, your influence will go up!  If the person who posts the testimonial has a higher influence than you it will go up even higher!
– Post on the Bullpen!
The more you post, and the more people like your posts the higher your influence rating!

Just remember, your influence isn’t re-calculated until the middle of the night so don’t be discouraged!  Wait until the next day to see how it adjusts.
All of these things will help, and as you use the service more you’ll start to see your influence grow over time.



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