High Speculation Scalp Opportunities

ANX – high risk penny that sometimes offers good scalp opportunities thanks to the volume spikes we see on breakout days. ANX is currently holding trendline, but needs a bounce over .315 to get me interested.  This is a true scalp and I’ll be watching the 3 minute ticker for entry points and volume. .31 – .37 would be a great intraday scalp.  Not interested at all under trendline.

TSFG – has created a pennant on average volume lately, but what really impresses me here is the MACD looking to rotate to the positive and a rounded Full Sto tapping on 20.  RSI14 isn’t very impressive, but I have a play here – Scalp only on move out of this triangle.  Would love a smash move to .50.  Again, I don’t marry speculative plays and will not hold on a breakout without volume that immediately pulls back.

PLUG – ugly chart – let’s make sure I’m clear here – this stock is still in a very bearish trend, but we’re looking at a positive MACD and numerous other indicators supporting a reversal here.  If I participate, I’ll take a small position (not enough volume traded here) on a move through MA20.  Target .65.  Again, scalp only for me on PLUG on move with volume – in and out.

GNBT – Crazy volatility.  Just look at the daily.  The swings are out of control – translation – scalps and day traders own this bad boy.  The chart today shows a failed move through MA100, but MACD/Full Sto/RSI really trying to pull this on out.  I would really like to see GNBT move above MA50 and MA100 before I take interest.  Also lacking volume.  My focused trade here – entry over .60, stop at bottom trendline (.575) with .65 target.

VLNC – Looking to get back in the channel above .85 on MACD crossover and Full Sto rounding bottom

MPG – Interesting chart pattern here – a not-so-sexy descending triangle with another ascending trendline offering support here.  More importantly, the 2 week consolidation has me interested.. notice the improving volume.   A couple other attractive indicators – positive MACD cross setting up with nice rounding bottom Full Sto. This could setup nicely for swing over 1.6 or short term scalp.  I’m NOT interested in holding under 1.40 – at all.


PMI – I really like this chart – narrowing bollinger bands on strong Full Sto and positive MACD.  Volume is good (could be better).  I’m long over 2.50 with buy interest.

Last note – don’t forget about ETRM and watch MRNA.



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