Having a blast in Vegas + Profits

We are having a blast in Vegas!

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This weekend I spoke at Tim Sykes’ Trader and Investor Summit, and it was a blast. The room was packed with over five hundred attendees, and even more tuned in via streaming. I spoke on trading at peak performance, which is something I think every trader aims for and some attain. Watch a quick preview to get an idea of how pumped up the room was!

But of course I’m getting a lot of work done too! I’m trading live at the summit and closing out the day up $4758! One of the few who come to Vegas and leave with profits!


That’s the great thing about trading – you can do it anywhere there’s internet access. I’ve traded all around the world, from swanky NYC penthouses to picnic tables on South American beaches. If that sounds appealing to you, understand that you need to actually learn how to trade first! It would be crazy to think you could just dive into surgery and be a doctor, right? Trading is the same way; before you can hope to succeed, you need to invest in yourself with a solid education. My 60 Day Bootcamp is that kind of education; you’ll learn everything you need to know to start day or swing trading! The next class starts November 10th, but in honor of this conference, I’m offering an early bird special deal through October 12th. To learn more, email me ASAP! kunal@bullsonwallstreet.com 




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