Posted some charts of gold in the morning..thought today would be the big day they would start to breakout but the sell pressure was to great. As you can see $gld has broken over resistance.  The chart patterns of the actual gold stocks are even better as many are near breakout. Ive been stalking them for days they are almost ready.  I posted a list for our premium subs in the beginning of the week most of them are still in play. Couple have been removed. here is updated list…
p.s. gold is a worthless piece of pile of nothing (unless your an indian have hair growing out of your eyeballs and you rock 6 gold chains kunal00 style) ….but hey people sure like it
keep an eye on these penny gold stocks…if gld makes a big run..these will lag and the message board buys will run it up
MDW, cgr, brd, mgh, kbx



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