The day started of ugly but mother market has been clawing its back.  $uso is out teabagging all the recession bears out there.  As I said before in the AM blog $spy 104 would be when I go back in the market and deploy my nasty drug dealer sized cash hoard.  So daddy did.  How did I know SPY 104 would be the spot??!!!
Kunal00 buys $trit and $hban in size today.  You see $rino today almost 22 bucks. While every joker is out there trying to squeeze out the last 5% in the move I am buying $trit.  How do I know will work????? Because I put my balls on the line when $rino was 8 bucks and trading 30k shares a day. Its tripled time to move on.
Now that $uso has reversed for now its time to start looking at some of these oil stocks and find the next boooooooom.
$apl could get moving soon. Look at this chart if breaks up you could get a nice strong move
$pds also
$gmxr I like this for a swingtrade. it broke out strong now has consolidated around support.  Buy as close to support as possible to limit risk and only if $oil is still strong



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