GAMEPLAN-Mid Day update

Early AM:

Many of you must be wondering what my gameplan is………ABSOLUTELY nothing. I got nothing to do today except count my winnings for the last month as I guzzle dark black vats of coffee and laugh at people on twitter who are trying to find a trade. I am finding interesting stocks but not in the range or the setups that i prefer so I will wait with the patience of Mother Theresa’s boyfriend…..just waiting and waiting for that special moment! 

ill post some charts at lunch so you all have something to munch  on besides that transfat laden food youve been shoveling.

Captain Jack is sitting on 50% cash and ready to blow


tick tock tick tock tick tock

I love these days.Even as I decide to sit on my firmly toned butt and do nothing I experience winnings. Well Mr. Market roasted the nutsacks of all the bears who were expecting this to be the their first shot at redeeming their silly lives. Nothing pleased me more as I read posts circa 3am “omg China getting torched, Japan in a freefall” Listen the Japanese Prime Minister could commit Seppuku for funneling money to Al-Qaeda and it would barely dent our market.  The drunken fratboys on WallStreet have determined that are market must go up and there is nothing you can do about.

I am a swingtrader I like to buy pullbacks in oversold conditions and vice versa. Unfortunately in this market there is little I can swing since the market wont pullback and I dont see an edge in chasing up this high.  I think SPY 98 is a semi decent place to dip back into multiday swings

Chart of SPY.gif

So I will trade breakouts on small dumpy companies that generally add no value to the world and shit on 99% of its shareholders.

Also look at some of these little finnies. Some of them look coiled for some moves. Heck with CNO,AIG all these guys making monster moves last month take a look at ACAS, PNX, CT.

Chart of ACAS.gif

Chart of PNX.gif




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