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Trading Watchlist 08.6.2020 (1)
Trading Watchlist 08.6.2020
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At Bulls on Wall Street, we ensure that you have up to date information on the momentum stocks that are moving and setting up for the type of patterns we trade as traders.

Our 3x / week watch-list helps inform you of the focus list of stocks we have short listed to monitor for potential trades in the coming days.

UNDERSTAND: This is not a stock pick, trade alert, or recommendation. Each trader has their own nuances and tactics for trading the same stock. The purpose of this watch-list is to ensure you do not miss a ticker while doing your post-market analysis.


Between post-market and pre-market, a lot of things change in the market. You have overall gap ups & downs in the major indices and sectors, PR on particular stocks whether its earnings or positive/negative sentiment news.

The analysis you do the night before, may often change its thesis before the market opens. The purpose of our pre-market live-streams is to recap the overnight moves in the market, how we are planning to adapt from our previous nights analysis, as well as our game plan for trading the upcoming day.

UNDERSTAND: Our pre-market live-stream is built to help you as a trader pick through the essential overnight information and price action, as well as to build our "long and short" thesis. Nobody can predict the market. But you can plan for scenario's. We ensure that we have two plans for the day depending on how the market carries out in the first hour of the open.

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