The bulls and bears keep playing this game of ping pong both are drunk off their lack of conviction and spend their days pecker slapping each other daring each other to make the next move…we started off strong and moved above our key level of resistance but did not hold.  Many were dissapointed with that and viewed it as bearish. In a way it was but these things rarely break and hold the first time. Rarely do you ever see a big support or a big resistance level broke on the 1st try…these things are a process. This resistance is a very longterm resistance it wont be broken without a drunken pissfight.  Today we get the first of the month “pop” which we have been getting since summer. Looks futures are up so the same is holding true.  The market is getting coiled between these two zones so look for a rather large move (2-3%) either way… 
SPX levels to watch 1150 (resistance)

the 20 day (1,121), and the 200 day (1,117), and 1131 (prior major resistance now support). For the bears to take control, we’ll need to see all three support areas taken out in the most spectacular  fashion and especially a close below S&P 1,120-1117 zone



rxii looks strong on breakout here. if it has volume and a push over 3.00 might pop

$iweb over .3 this can really run. the key will be if the message board guys are running it up..if i hear chatter on the boards and its over .30 ill give it a go.

stock is ready now a break over yestedays high of 4.07. volume accumulation looks good. 1 redflag is that its overbought which often can slightly lower the probability of a strong breakout. but since we are in an overbought market it seems to match up anyways.

still looks good. over 3.00 can really cook…

i added this 14.80 stop at 14.50 still looks good..selling pretty much done…sitting on support

small finnie stock. in a box right now. at the bottom of the box. you can range trade this to the top of the box or buy on the break of the top. i might play both here with a small pos at the low end of the range then add more if it ever breaks out. vol pattern a redflag

this one i like over .90-.91 a pick from the @ragincajun who is on fire these days…

therea a ton more but we will keep it short….beware of any shennanigans today



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