Hello everyone. @szaman here, putting a few more names into our watch list. Extended Market, risk is higher at this stage , however, if they set well intraday and Market keeps going, could be good for short term trades.

ARQL Bio. name . Watching 6.15 area.


BEE Might get a pop over 200 SMA, currently 5.70.


CALL 14.25 break out watch.


CERS Breaks out at 3.16. High chance of failure at 3.16.Take
if only bases.


MBI We had decent run on MTG today, same group, waych for a continuation
over 4.25.


MDAS Like it over 10.


MPEL Watch over 10.12.


NTSP Slow swing type name. 8.30 break out watch.


QUAD Higher lows so far. Watching over 50 SMA, 15.29.


ZNGA See if this one can squeeze over 8.60.




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