WAVE – This stock has been a turd for a while now, but nice bounce of MA200 today.  Might be a bottom feeding opportunity, but I, personally, would wait for a move with volume through MA20 for swing or scalp entry. 

TSTR – Keep an eye on this one for a possible scalp.  We’re experiencing a lot of consolidation here and the Full Sto may have turned. Interested if we see a move through MA20 with RSI improvement and volume.

WAVX is very interesting.  I would like to get in under 1.35 with swing opportunity long over. I’ve liked this stock for some time.  Volume accumulation days all over the daily. 

BEE – Don’t forget about BEE.  This fella has made us some great profits in the past and is now starting to setup nicely for another spike.  I won’t buy until the move is confirmed, however, with some volume.

PSUN – I love rounding bottom Full Sto charts with MACD crossover at zero.  Possible good swing opportunity here. chart

RGCI – High risk penny that might get some momo. I like the MACD here.  Only interested in a run scalp.  First target, .40.



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