Everything You Need To Know About Our Live, In-Person Trading Bootcamp

trading bootcamp

For the first time ever, Bulls On Wall Street will be hosting an in-person bootcamp. In this event, we will take traders of all experience levels to the next level. We will teach you all the patterns I use in the stock and cryptocurrency markets, risk management, trading psychology, and everything else you need to know to become a profitable trader. You will get to watch me trade live in person, and listen to keynote speeches from other world-class traders and performance coaches. Here is a breakdown of the biggest benefits of this event to your trading career.

In-Person Mentorship

I never had the opportunity to get live feedback from a successful trading mentor until I met Paul. No surprise that I was an unprofitable trader until I started working with him. Finding a trading mentor is the best thing you can do for your trading career to expedite your path to profitability. Figuring out everything alone takes too long and is completely unnecessary pain.

Having a virtual mentor is a good start, but in-person can give you so much more benefits. Having someone sit with you and break down your trading goals in person, and tell you what’s realistic is so beneficial. We will observe you while you trade and give you insight into the bad habits that are holding your trading career back. You will also get to see me and other great traders trade in person. This will allow you to see what habits and behavior patterns they exhibit to contribute to their success.

In the past I have only had my mentorship students at my house. It is a pricey 6 month program. Students are always asking to meet me in person and trade with me so I decided to do a live event to make it easier for people to attend.  

Network With Other Traders

Trading is a lonely game. For the most part, you are only interacting with other traders in a chat room, or by phone. Most people’s issue is that none of their friends or family trade. As a result, you have no one to sit down with and talk about trading, and you start to feel isolated. No one wants to hear about the TSLA short you banked on yesterday!

We recommend new traders to find a trading buddy for this reason. This event is the perfect event to network with other traders, and find a trading buddy who you can hold you accountable. It will also expose you to the different trading journeys people have been on. Almost everytime I meet a trader, they have a new technique or insight on the markets that I never heard before.

Time and Place: August 9th-14th, at the W Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Events Breakdown

Welcome Reception

We kick off the week with a welcome reception. Meet all the other trader attendees and hear Kunal’s opening remarks, and get the game plan for the week.

Daily Class Sessions

Kunal and other top traders will have live class sessions every day. You learn all the strategies and techniques we use to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies everyday.

Live Trading

We will have live trading sessions for trading stocks and cryptocurrencies. You will get to watch me trade in person. I will walk you guys through exactly what I look for and explain all of my trading decisions in detail.

Keynote Speakers

We have 4 other speakers coming to this event to present to you guys. The image at the top of the article has all of the speakers that you will hear from. 

Other Special Events Included

– Games at Biergarten

– Top Golf Outing

– Team Dinner

Sign Up For The In-Person Bootcamp

This will be the only trading event you need to attend this year to take your trading to the next level. Reserve your spot here.



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