EndOfWeek Recap/All is fine in Lala land

Last week Bob the Bear undeballed himself (if thats possible) and came back with a vengeance.  He left the house for the 1st time in months wearing his finest suit, waved good bye to his wife and kid, telling them he is going to work. But this time for real since all he had been  doing is hanging out at the local Barnes Nobles the last six months reading resumes for Dummies while his family thought he was at work. Inside his suit he had his favorite two weapons dusted off. A brilo pad and rusted spoon…..(dont ask me for what…just know he was out and DAngerous). Bob was out to do some damage to dent the pysche and gentitals of the bulls and all their little friends. There was a toxic smell in the air one of fear and Chinese smog (brought to us by the jet stream).  Funny little men in abandoned midwestern towns stayed awake all night lurking on message boards using the twitter search on BOWS# for all their stocks.  It was grim….boy was it grim…..
In the end Bob the Bear got un-undeballed (if thats possible) …….and we are right back were we started. The fall the rise…the fear the happiness. It has been quite a roller coaster last couple weeks.
This week
s&p up +3.2%
Dow up +3.2%
NasDaq +3.3%
Russell2k +3.12%
Pretty even strenght across the board.  Basic materials, silver, internation all ran hard this week.
No real economic reports coming out so we should be able to just trade the tape instead of cowpies thrown at our grills all day. The market shook off the bad news today which is very healthy…but then when it also shook off the good news last week on GDP and tanked so what the heck do I know.
Rest up this weekend. I will get a good list together on Sunday for the week.
Master of Booooom @kunal00



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