$EDAP: Trading Gap Up Flag break for over 22%

We traded $EDAP in the chat room Friday for big gains. The stock was my watch list as it was pulling back on low volume after a big volume run. As you can see on the daily chart, on 02/01 the stock gapped up over the 20 MA and broke out of the flag pattern. It  ran for three days.

I was anticipating that type of move today when I saw the stock gapped up again over the 20 MA and broke out of another flag.



1.Stock gaps up . I always pay attention to stocks that had a small gap. A gap means someone is interested and they cannot wait to buy it, so they have a buy order  ready at the open.

2.Stock flags as the moving average catch up

3. Buy at $3.14, with stop below moving average/$3.10 area

4.Sold partial $3.40

5. Added again at $3.41 on intraday break.

6.Sold all my shares at $3.82.

21.66% gain on my original shares, with $.04 risk and an additional 12% from the last add.















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