Don't Open until Christmas

Overcoming the fear of a down day, or a down series of days in a bull market can be somewhat difficult for most people.  Just know, that in a bull market, as in any market, I study the fundamentals of the companies which interest me. — When the market is fundamentally strong, like this year, I seek and invest in undervalued companies and I hold them long term.  
I am about to share some images with you – for no other purpose than to explain to you how I deal with the psychology of fear on a bearish week like today.  I’m not full of shit, I don’t make up large positions to “look cool” – and I’m human.  None of us can predict the market, so why bother trying?  I don’t…
So as many know I started adding $SYNM, first cycle, between $1.68-$2.60.  I sold my entire position in the 3’s and I felt naked without Syntroleum in my portfolio.  I had around 45k shares at the time, made well over $40,000.  
I know this company well, and I believe it has huge potential in the future.  So I’ve been rebuying this stock from $2.50-$2.85.  I currently hold a fairly signifcant position in my long term account, and also in my trading account.  Below is an image from my trading account, be warned if you have a weak stomach you may not like this position 🙂  

Needless to say I tend to hold more in my long term accounts. 

A similar story with $NEP, I’ve been buying this stock from the high 3’s to mid 4’s.  I sold some in the $6 range but kept a long position.  I also added a bunch into my trading account as you can see by the image below.
Now, how on earth can I sit on positions that are down some $24,000 without worrying?  Simple.  I am a long term investor, I don’t buy on margin unless I can afford to cover. I keep around 80% cash on the sidelines (which includes my long term/retirement and trading portfolios).  If I need to add cash I can, but I usually don’t have this problem.
Take today, for example.  Some time ago I bought $YGII/$YGYB in the 5’s, and eventually $YONG (same company, series of uplistings, etc). I put the position from the 5’s in my long term account, then on September 9th (less than a month ago) I added 15,000 trading shares of $YONG at $7.  It went up and down, sometimes red days, sometimes green.  Overall I held strong until today.  I sold the entire trading share position only (keeping my long term position) in the 9’s.  I made over $45,000 in less than a month in a realized gain.
So I view my trading account as a Christmas Tree.  I have red and green lights on it – obviously we prefer all green all the time, but this is never the case.  The only difference between me and most people is I don’t trade in my red lights for money — I usually add to the strong positions on red days like today.
Today I added $NEP, $SYNM, $AGM, $TRIT, $CYCC (more risk on this) into my long term portfolio.  I also took another new position of $SWHC under $4.50 in my trading account. 
Today was like Christmas for me all over again.  Remember, if you don’t let the fear of “red lights” consume you, you’ll do just fine.  If I dumped $NEP and $SYNM today I’d likely hate myself in the future.  By the way, I’m also holding my position of $BEST in two accounts – full on – we’ll see how that turns out next “Christmas”. 
Good luck guys, hope this makes sense.



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