well summer ended much the same way  its been going since spring time… some funtime at the open and then a chop chop rest of the day.  The Bulls have gone pee pee in the sand and marked 1040 as the area that they will defend. Lot of people are saying that september will bring back the big boys from their cheese n wine parties for the summer and that should bring back some volume in the market and give us a direction.  Im not so sold.  We are range bound till mother market says we are not range bound.   right now we got a group saying we are basing around support for a launch higher..another group that says that support is getting tested over and over in anticipation of a large break below.
tomorrow we got some more data…we also get the start of the month jump/pump so we shall see if the good guys can muster up the “sak” to shank Bob the Bear and his merry band of crotch sniffers.
i vote for the good guys…there will be some good trading tomorrow.



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