Develop The BEST Stock Trading Routine for NIGHTTIME

Night Time is where the real money is made….

Just think about it this way. While you watch Netflix, someone is up, working. They are charting, scanning, backtesting, and learning. They are “in the gym” getting better and better. Their stock trading routine is solid, plain and simple, and that is why they are able to crush the markets every day.

Most traders spend more time clicking buy/sell buttons than they do studying and working during the evenings. The real money is made each and every night through a proper stock trading routine in the evening that prepares you for success the following day.

The best traders that I have ever met spend a small percentage of their day actually trading. The majority of their time is spent learning, growing, planning, and building toward a better future.

If you’re a swing trader, the best stock trading routine for nighttime includes spending time developing scans, building watchlists, journaling past trades, and studying big winners.

If you’re a day trader, the best stock trading routine for nighttime involves journaling trades, building new momentum scans, studying sectors or themes, and flipping through as many stocks as possible to identify momentum.

Steps for Developing The BEST Nightly Routine for Trading

Here are the things that you MUST do EVERY night if you want to have a killer nighttime routine that will help you level-up your trading career, and become a more knowledgeable, prepared, and smart trader.

1. Run the Liquid Gainers Scan every day.

This will show you which stocks have momentum. Pay particular attention to stocks with 10 million plus volume or 5x relative volume. Use the volume buzz column on TC2000 and weave this into your stock trader routine:

2. Review your list of go-to stocks.

Purge this list each month, focusing on true momentum stocks. Monitor these stocks daily, such as $UPST, $PLTR, $RIOT, $MARA, and $NVDA. Stocks with an expansion in range and a strong uptrend can offer profitable trades for months. You can also short them when they reverse with significant range.

3. Maintain a trading journal.

Consider using third-party software like TRADERVUE, which will save you time and provide insightful statistics. Use your journal to identify your best setups and avoid patterns that lead to losses. Increase your focus on setups that consistently make you money. Again, journaling is a HUGE part fo your stock trading routine.

4. Define the buy points for your trades and identify key levels.

Remember that hitting a level doesn’t mean an immediate buy; you still need a pattern to support the trade. Understanding the angles and patterns around these levels is crucial for successful trading. Be cautious about blindly trading a setup just because it’s on your watchlist.

5. Write out bullish, bearish, and neutral case scenarios for both the overall market and your watchlist.

In any market condition, you should have long and short trading strategies. During range-bound markets, be prepared for rapid changes in plans and have strategies for both long and short positions.

6. Review your homework and learning activities.

Have you engaged with other traders, checked in with your mentor, read a book, or listened to a podcast? Continuous learning is essential for trading success. This is an essential part of your stock trading routine.

7. Monitor the biggest movers in the stocks you trade (that fit your system).

Use the 6-month, 90-day, 30-day, and 5-day sort function on TC2000: If you’ve missed any big movers, analyze why and assess where you might be falling short in your process. Relying solely on other people’s watchlists or social media can lead to missed opportunities.

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