Deal Yourself Aces

Much like poker, trading is a game of risk to reward. I dont play much poker, but from what I understand the guys sit at the table, folding hand after hand until they get a pair that gives them a very high probability chance of winning the pot.  And when that pair comes along that puts the odds in their favor, thats when they put their money in play.  As traders, we are doing the same thing.. over and over again each day.  We look at hundreds of charts and pass on trade after trade until one comes along that gives us excellent odds of making money.  When we find that chart that fits our strategy, we trade it.  The difference is that in poker you can’t always deal yourself aces.. 🙂

At bulls on wallstreet we teach traders a handful of setups that have overtime  proven to have great risk/ rewards.  Those are the trades that we take everyday and that is why we are succesful.  The last week, kunal has hit at least one huge trade every single day. As I went back and reviewed each of the trades, none of them deviated from the strategy and thus they are all aces in the hole… Take a look..


SGOC- caught this stock first thing in the morning in at 2.43 sold 2.9 and 3.5. Huge 30% gain on the trade. Classic bulls method setup mapped out for subs. 3000 shares = $2,206


GTIM- classic bulls breakout pattern.. we added the stock at 3.39 1300 shares out  3.75 and 3.92 = $578


CLNT- added 4.44 sold off at 4.64 and 5.12.. 2000 shares = $880

Then there was today, Thursday and we played $clnt. We bought the stock at 5.62 and sold 6.06 a few minutes later.  Same strategy taught in this blog here.  You take very little risk buying 2000 shares and make $900 bucks and you have already almost doubled your daily goal.

So in 4 days, with only one simple play, you make $4,564 dollars.. and you had very little risk involved. If you know the strategy behind the play then you know where you are going to stop and exactly how you plan to play these setups. So that my friends is how you trade and that is how you deal yourself aces! Nice work guys.

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  1. OK well these trades are in the past so they cant help today, and if you don’t have the same setup u cant figure these items out, not to mention theirs a lot of different stocks out there to blasting in the avg persons face and if i don’t know as its going on then cant deal myself aces.

    • Hi Jon –

      Actually one of the most important things for developing your skills is reviewing your past trades to come up with a system that works for you. Unfortunately with trading you have to pay to play. You should not expect to go in and make money right off the bat because like you said, there are thousands of stocks and they all move so fast it’s nearly impossible to keep track, and so you need to expect to lose quite a bit in the beginning. I know that Maribeth will recommend finding one or two specific setups that you like and just HAMMERING them into your head over and over. You don’t necessarily need to trade them, just watch how they set up and be honest with yourself about what you would have done if you were really trading it, and you will find over time that certain stocks and certain setups DO repeat themselves over and over and you can start to recognize them before they happen. Personally, I’m in a bit of a losing streak right now so what I did was create an account on and resort to paper trading (trading in my head, but based on real setups and real stocks). I document every single trade, why I took it, the stop, how many shares, my buy price, my targets, my reward to risk ratios, what happened and what I could have done better. This is a great way to learn the setups without spending a ton of money losing, but ONLY if you are completely honest about it. You will be negative in your paper trades too when you first start. If you’re not you’re probably cheating yourself, but if you are, it doesn’t matter. You can paper trade until you’re blue in the face and can recognize these setups in your sleep!

      Hope that helps a little,



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