Trade Review CERE | Day Trading Biotechs

Here is a trade I did last week in CERE. Sorry for the late post I had it up on youtube but forgot to add it to the blog! This is one of my favorite day trading setups.  To be a good at swing trading or day trading you need a toolbox of goto setups and  day trading tools | strategy.  This type of Pr/Earnings fade on biotech is one of the techniques I use most often when day trading biotech stocks.  It is important to know how to short sell stocks along with going long.  The stock market is every changing it is very important when short term trading to have a strategy that can allow you to make money in both types of markets bulls & bears. Learn this setup.

We teach this type of day trading strategy in our 60 day bootcamp which is an intensive course designed to take a student from A to Z on trading stocks. email me anytime if you have any questions

Here is a video describing our course.  60 Day Trading Bootcamp 

Enjoy the video!




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