Day Trading Watchlist 8/26/2016

Flat day in the stock market today. That seems to be the norm the range has been very tight for weeks now.  Part of that is seasonal as we are in the dog days of summer. Part of it is technical as we had a huge thrust to new highs and now are digesting the move.  The environment for day trading has been a bit slow the last few days beyond the big moves in biotechs its been slim pickings. During these times its best to focus on stocks in play that have some type of pr/earnings breakout or breakdown.


Great job by Paul on his webinar yesterday! if you guys missed it make sure to check out the replay.


We are getting ready for our next round of bootcamps. This current class has been amazing to work with.  We teach both day trading and swing trading in our bootcamp class. email me if you have any questions for our September Bootcamp


Here is todays Watchlist video