Day Trading Watchlist 4/11/2017

Hello folks! Up and down day for the stock market.  Day Trading can be a bit tricky during these times.  Dont fret these type of ranges dont last forever the key is to keep stress and losses to a minimum during the chop and when the direction of the market reveals itself the trading becomes much easier! Had a good day trading in the chatroom still some decent runners even in the choppy market $momo $espr $aktx you only need a handful of momo plays to keep busy!

Had a great trip to Charleston! Got to meet up with a whole bunch of my students over the couple weeks! I also had a chance to go the John Maxwell Leadership/Coaching conference in Orlando! it was really eye opening and exciting to meet so many amazing people! I had a great team of people at my table from South Africa, Phillipines, North Dakota, and Philadelphia!



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