Daily Trading Checklist


1. What is your bias today? bullish? bearish? rangebound?
2. What sectors are firing/what type of setups is working best? Flatop breakouts, bottom bouncers, flat base breakouts, Breakout/pullback to support plays etc
3. What is your edge today on exploiting market conditions
4. Do you have 7-8 hot hot setups split between daytrades,swingtrades, shorts
5. What else have you done to prepare for the day..what homework has been completed. (did you study the blogs, run your scans, finish your readings, update your trade journal etc)
6. Whats going on with the positions you have. Do you have updated stops on them updated targets etc
7. How do you feel? do you feel confident in your plan of attack or do you have a paralaysis of analysis? —————- (many new traders cant compute the dozens of variables and bits of information that is thrown at them. You hungover, in a happy place, going to the darkside, girlfriend/boyfriend making whoopee with the poolboy?  All these things impact your trading.
8. Physically- are you rested, you been exercising?
9. How is my trading platfrom ?  is everything in working order, did i setup my hot keys, alerts, charts.? is my charting program, scanners tools all ready to go.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Trading Checklist”

  1. Always done trading based on instinct and some news i read in Google finance. Never done my homework before trading. This checklist is great. one thing I am sure of learning from your guys is discipline. Next step is joining the bootcamp. Thanks kunal.


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