$CZR: Playing Moving Average bounce.

Another great start of the week in Bulls chat room with $2703in gains. CZR was one of the trade we took in the chat room.










Daily chart was holding above both 20 and 50 MA. As you can see on Friday it tried to break below 20/50 MA however bounced at close and managed hold the 20 MA. So this was on our watch list for a “Moving Average” bounce type setup  trade.

Let us check out the intraday chart to see how it played out.



1.Early in the morning the stock managed to hold Fridays low , creating a 2 day double bottom pattern.

2.We bought the stock at 15.20 with stop below 15.

3.Friday high break, propelling the stock higher.

4.I sold half at 14.70, many sold at 14.50 due to the fact that it had big continuous run from 15 without any pause.

5.We sold our last shares at 16.10.

Decent .90c gains with .20c risk.

If you are interested in trading  low risk/ big gains  setups with us and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please  email for info.  thenyctrader@gmail.com . Bulls trading boot camp starting  tomorrow where we cover more on this type of strategy in details. Let me know if you need any info.








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