Current Positions 7/11/2011

here is updated current positions. Ive recently added a longterm swing portfolo for our partime traders. These swings are especially great for the guys with jobs as they require less mainetenance but you still get the power of momentum. Im in the process of opening a seperate account for them. In the mean time I will keep the plays in my daytrading/short swing account. Due to the close yesterday and the reversal on friday I added a few more stocks and held some things i normally would have. Bpax, ffn those were meant to be daytrades but due to the way they closed i held overnight.

careful today we have had 2 days with 2 sets of bad news. It will be very imporatnt to see if the market shrugs off this news or if cascade lower.  Stay cash heavy and if the market is downticking stay away from riskier stocks with less then B+ setups.  there will still be opportunity today. The key is to never chase a gap down and buy and never to chase it and short it.  Let it settle and see where the market wants to lead us. Once we get that idea then we can deploy capital in the most efficient means possible.

When market is running hard you can get away with not using stops as there is a constant upthrust.  When market is downticking  you need to adhere to them.

Currently in my shorterm account im 50% cash 50% invested.

In longterm swing account im 75% invested ( i dont plan on keeping more then 30k in there as im going to double it soon )

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