Current Positions 4/8/2011

Im a bit overloaded on stuff. Need to raise some cash. I plan on trimming 1/3 off most things at the open its been a crazy good few months. For every bad trade there are 2-3 good ones and thats what you want to see in your holdings. As you know with me Im very quick to cut loose something if its a total dog as im always in search of the right stocks. Many people will hold a terd forever thinking they are being patient with the stock. Im not patient with a crappy stock but I am with a stock that has fallen but is still in the range of it being a setup. When we bought BLTI at 4.95 it fell to 4.8 2x and everybody sold the stock. But if you look at the chart it never breached support. Thats a stock that is showing slight weakness (if u can call 15 cents weakness) but its still above support so there is no reason to sell it. Remember that when you are getting rid of certain stocks whether its a sell because its dipping or if its a sell because the setup has become invalid. two totally differnt thing!

2 thoughts on “Current Positions 4/8/2011”

  1. What is the best way for us to tell whether you are day-trading or swinging a stock? I’m referring to when the call goes out in the boom-factory. I never really know what mode you guys are operating in.

  2. im mostly a swingtrader 90% of the time.. if i say “in” or just throw out a ticker and a price it usually means its a daytrade as im trying to get the pick to you guys before it many times i try to type out all the details of the trade after i buy it and the stock pops ten percent! i will try to be more clear and spell them out sorry for the confusion


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