Current Positions 4/6/2011

Im a bit heavy on stocks then where I’d like to be especially for swing positions. I need to do some trimming. Often it can be dangerous to be so heavily weighted in 1 sector ( but it can also be more dangerous to be diversified! think about that) My plan is to trim the weak stocks and let the winners run abit or even add to them as tehy are displaying strength. The key to making huge gains with small amounts of capital is to keep cutting loose stocks that are weak and being able to nab a 10-15-20% trade at least 1 a week. This will rev up your returns exponentially. 95% of the traders at bulls do the opposite. They will sit on some stock they are down on for months and months hoping it will come back while they get in good stocks and sell them that day for 2-3% as they finally saw some green in their account.



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