Current Positions 1/6/2011

here are the position list. I need to go get rid of NIV which was just a bunk trade on my part…that type of stock u just dump that day.  It just takes up cash and raises your risk metrics. As you can see my position sizes vary depending on the stock.
The basis of the way I size positions is portfolio risk. So typically the farther a stop is on a stock the smaller my position goes.
So in essence if i have a 10% stop on a stock that position needs to be 5x smaller than a stock i got 2% stop on it.
Then there are stocks like $apri that was just a bad trade. I deally I should have sold this right at 3.95-3.99 when the breakout didnt hold. I just lost control of it due to bad risk managment, money management , and time management



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