Current Positions 11/7/2011

Morning folks. Here is the current Port. It looks like more stocks then it is as i got a lot of partial positions 1/3’s left. When the marklet is healthy its important to keep a few swing positions yes it adds overnight risk and yes you have the small chance of getting blown out of the position on gap down but thats the chance you take for the bigger gains. Nobody makes a living trading taking 10 cent gains all day. Thats why you dont see any billionaire daytraders. Its just not very scalable. A mix of swingtrading & daytrading I find gives the best returns, unless you have a small 5-10k account. Then I’d probably be flipping stocks back and forth nonstop and not worry so much about letting plays develop. I’d try to take that account double it up in a month or 2 then start swinging 1-2 stocks.

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