Coronavirus Stimulus Stocks Are Breaking Out (Here Are The Best Sectors)

It’s all about the coronavirus stimulus.

The House, Senate and President are battling over the next coronavirus stimulus package, and the market is loving it.


The areas that have been most beaten since March because of the virus and it’s impact on your every day lives are popping today. Hope for some much needed cash from the government for both the people who spend and the companies who produce increases to the point of expectation that a bill will pass soon.

Now that we have that expectation, the question is what areas will benefit the most from the stimulus.

The answer is the same as last time.

We’ve seen this play out already, when the first stimulus passed a few months ago. That stimulus leads to month long pops in airlines, retail, casinos, resorts, base metal and housing.

As we seen today, that playbook remains in tact.

In today’s video, I review the hottest “coronavirus-stimulus” sectors and how to potentially trade them.



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