Here's Why These Beaten Down China Stocks Will Rise Again (10 Trade Ideas!)

The Beat Down China has taken a magnificent beating. While the U. S. market took it’s plunge in October of 2018, China peaked 9 months earlier in January. Since that time it hit a recent low that had it down over 30 percent from the January high. During this period there was absolutely no reason to consider trading China to the long side unless it was for a “quickie bounce” trade.

Shift in Trend

Now look at the chart again and notice the recent higher low at the arrow. This is a “higher low” that breaks the trend of lower lows. This bullish signal indicated a potential reversal of trend. Combine that with a break of the recent highs and 200 day moving average, and we see a new trend emerging. This new trend is why I am now bullish on China. Now that the China ETF FXI, which tracks 25 China stocks, is showing improvement, we dig down to individual stocks that we can trade for explosive gains.

10 Trade Ideas

The stocks and ETFs I am tracking to potentially trade all have the following characteristics:
  1. Beaten down to extreme levels
  2. Showing improving price action
  3. Potential bottom formations
  4. Remounts of resistance levels that now become support.
Watch today’s video for more in depth analysis of the 10 China trade ideas.

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